Here’s the list of my books. They’re not currently available for sale, but perhaps one day in the future.


When a guy named Martin Nathaniel Munroe II starts messaging you, it should be obvious who you’re talking to. Except there’s two of them in AP US History—and sixteen-year-old Haley Hancock thinks she’s texting the one she doesn’t hate.

Haley may be a bit opinionated, but only because her news feed gives her interesting things like earthquake swarms and new uses for acetaminophen to base her opinions on. Well, that and it’s easier to hide behind well-formed assumptions than dwell on the senseless worries that pick at her defenses no matter how good her meds are.

Martin and his cousin have shared everything their whole lives: their world-famous financial genius grandfather’s name, classes, friends, even their birthdays are close. But to him, it feels like no one really knows this Martin in particular.

It’s only within their text messages that Haley and Martin can talk about everything from her strange assumptions about French Canadians to the stuff they’ve each figured out about their sexuality. Martin hopes he can win Haley over in the real world, too. But that’ll only happen if Haley lets go of her presumptions long enough to see this Martin for who he really is.


Rhee is the star performer in the Floating Circus’s big top show. When she becomes an octopus, the crowd laughs. When she flies through the air as a whale, they’re awed. But if they knew they weren’t seeing real animals, they’d run in terror.

Everyone knows shapeshifters as adept as Rhee are untrustworthy, dangerous even, but it’s the rest of her circus that should really frighten the citizens of the flying cities. The clowns’ amusing routines spread political propaganda, while the crew are always listening for anyone who might not be entirely happy with the despotic Sky King’s rule. The manipulative Ringmaster has everyone in the circus busy keeping the far-flung cities under the thumb of his brother, the all-powerful Sky King. Everyone, except Rhee that is.

Barely more useful than the animals she becomes, Rhee just wants a chance to prove her worth. By pushing her way into one of their operations, Rhee discovers the Ringmaster’s harsh treatment may actually be a trick meant to keep her hidden at the very heart of his tangled plots. Eventually, Rhee must decide if her truth is worth foiling the Ringmaster’s plan to bring down the most dangerous man in all the flying cities—the Sky King himself.

NECESSITY – YA Contemporary Fantasy

Seventeen-year-old Mel Frost’s life is going to crap—a meddling Norn has made sure of it.

Gods straight out of Northern European legends are preparing for their last war in her hometown of Newcastle, Iowa of all places. Worse, the Norns are ready to replace these old gods with a new generation.

Mel, smack in the middle of those plans, finds her already shaky grasp on reality slipping further when her soul won’t stay put in her body. She’s never been quite sure where her imagination stops and reality picks up, but for Mel, hiding is better than discovering it’s all real.

But ignoring the most infuriating boy she knows, Wolf Elder, isn’t so easy. Especially since it’s him her soul keeps wandering off to find. He’s got thirteen years of practice getting through her shell and he’s decided she’s the only one that can help keep him from becoming his parents’ secret weapon in the trans-dimensional war they’re planning.

As long-awaited prophecies become reality, Mel has to decide if she’ll follow along like she always has or carve a future of her own.