Ten Question Bloggity Blog Hop

I was tagged by Jessica Bloczynski in a blog hop. So, I will be a good person and respond. However, I am where chain mail goes to die. I’m not good at passing on and I don’t mail well (it’s entirely my husband’s job). So, if you’d like to consider […]

Socializing in all the Media – A follow-up

So I’ve been using the internet to socialize since, well, let’s just say, since before most of the target audience of my preferred category was born and leave it there. This means that I have friends I’ve never met in person for coming up close on twenty years. And by friends, […]

I am a Novel Writer

So, today, I can call myself a novel writer, because I have, in fact, written a whole novel of 84K words with a plot, character development, and a romantic through line. That said, I’m not done with my novel, not by any stretch of the imagination. The ending needs work […]

Just Write

As I am beginning to discover on anything to do with writing, the key is to just start. So here I am, starting. … DAVID MELCHOR DIAZ via Compfight Exciting, no? Alright, so here’s my current projects each is set in the Universe I’m calling the New Edda, which will tell the […]