In My Day – Trigger Warnings

I’ve been writing these posts for a bit and they’ve been relatively innocuous. And, to me, this remains a relatively innocuous thing. That trigger warnings are something anyone sees as controversial is extraordinarily confusing to me. It becomes doubly confusing when the people who call it out are the ones who […]

In My Day – Text Messages

I just finished writing a whole book that is entirely two teenager’s text transcript (and the people who got ahold of their phones during that time). So I thought I’d share some of my insights on text messaging I’ve gathered in the last 13 years of evangelizing real-time wireless solutions for businesses […]

Writing My Query — My Writing Processes

I’ve threatened a few times here and there that I’d write posts about my strange little processes that I’ve developed for this whole writing thing. If you missed it, I’ve written up a piece of my editing process on overused words and watchwords on Lara Willard’s site. I’ll probably re-write […]

Lessons from K-Drama: Love Triangles

Like everyone else, I have a great many feels about Love Triangles. Done well they’re aching, done poorly they’re cause to put a book or a series away. Personally, I’m not invested in characters so much as I am relationships, so I’m less interested in who she’ll pick as I […]

Lessons From K-Drama: The Liars’ Arc

As some of you may know, I have a small (large) K-Drama addiction, but sometimes when talking to other K-Drama addicts I feel like I’m doing it wrong. I have favorite actors, but I don’t have a bias. I’ve never made a meme. Guys brooding in the shower make me sad […]

The Truth in Sales

Well, once again we have an instance of an author behaving badly floating around the internet, but no matter when you’re reading this you’ll find one. In this case there was catfishing and lying. And this got me thinking about the last decade or so that I’ve spent in selling. […]

NaNoWriMo and Anxiety

Here’s how NaNo works for me: Day 1: I make a respectable showing, but not the 1,667. I watch as what feels like everyone else posts large numbers. Day 2: Still don’t make the 1,667. Feel as if everyone I’ve ever met is now in the 10Ks. I’m demoralized and afraid. […]

NerdCon: Stories – I Learned a Thing or Four

Now, as you may know, I’m working very hard on becoming one of the people on the other side of these events. Which means becoming one of the people making a fool of myself on stage or waxing philosophical on the panel. So I may have been listening for different […]

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