Why I Write YA Fantasy

When I tell people I write I get a mixed bag of reactions, as most writers do. When I explain I write YA Fantasy people are usually more confused. The fantasy part makes sense. Seeing as I’m a huge nerd who still hosts Magic the Gathering parties instead of dinner […]

The Counting Trap

I’ve fallen into a trap. Probably the first of many in my writing career. In this case, I have no one to blame but myself. I let myself get confused by the limits. First 250, First 5 Pages, First 10 Pages, First Chapter… on and on until I thought the […]

On #PitMad and what I learned there

Yesterday I participated in #PitMad and had an incomparable learning experience as I first prepared 8 pitches, then figured out how to schedule them so I would be sending Tweets into the void every half hour for 12 hours. The second half was something I should have figured out eons ago, […]

Giving Advice: What You Should Do vs. What You Are Doing

I’ve had an absolute blast participating in WriteOnCon to the point that I have donated money simply to cover my constant and near obsessive refreshing. For my part, I’ve learned a ton, met a ton of awesome people, gained 15 new Twitter followers and counting, have a completely re-imagined opening to […]

I am a Novel Writer

So, today, I can call myself a novel writer, because I have, in fact, written a whole novel of 84K words with a plot, character development, and a romantic through line. That said, I’m not done with my novel, not by any stretch of the imagination. The ending needs work […]

Just Write

As I am beginning to discover on anything to do with writing, the key is to just start. So here I am, starting. … DAVID MELCHOR DIAZ via Compfight Exciting, no? Alright, so here’s my current projects each is set in the Universe I’m calling the New Edda, which will tell the […]

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