As I am beginning to discover on anything to do with writing, the key is to just start.

So here I am, starting.

Starting to write

Exciting, no?

Alright, so here’s my current projects each is set in the Universe I’m calling the New Edda, which will tell the tale of Ragnarök from the perspective of members of the generation that will be inheriting what remains after the old gods and old guard have their twilight:

Necessity: YAF – An Iowa senior  whose last year of High School is coming to an end should be focused on Prom, Graduation, and college acceptance, but gets Ragnarök thrown in her lap instead.  (Currently at 42K words)

Fetch: YAF – The new Dark Alfar Queen wants to go back to being an Iowa teen, but first she must uncover the conspiracy that changed her life. (Currently at 26K words)

The Black: YAF – A girl from a distinguished family of Dwarfish tinkers falls in with some Gremlin physicists who may have just figured out how to summon the dead. (Currently at 18K words)

Today’s accomplishments:

Necessity: Got 1200 words done for the first scene between Mel and Hella, queen of Helheim. This is a re-write of a very failed early attempt, and I feel much better about it. This is key because Hella will appear in both Fetch and The Black so it’s important to have a firm idea for such an iconic member the Norse pantheon.

Also, I made this website.  We’ll see where it goes.