Here in Minnesota it is gorgeous and warm and every native Minnesotan seems to think that it’s a requirement that everyone should spend every second outside when it’s like this.

I, however, am part cave troll. The sun hurts my eyes. The trees, flowers, and grass are having a contest to see which one can get my immune system to drive me batty fastest. And so, I vastly prefer to sit in my temperature controlled house (Central Air, FTW!) with black out curtains and only one desk lamp turned on. This is my way.

I, of course, say all of this after having left the house twice for customer meetings and plans for the weekend to drag my father and nephew out and about. So what I want and what I get are very rarely the same thing.

There’s one more place I’m going outside of my little cave, and that’s Social Media. I’ve been on Facebook for eons. The reason for that is the same as I have this wonderful room with blocked windows and a small lamp, because I can block out the world and just talk to the few comfortable people I know. Even there I’m slow to share an opinion. I avoid making commentary that isn’t surface level mostly because my family and my friends are of such opposite opinions that I’m guaranteed to get most of them arguing if I let them.

But, you say, you have a blog, and there are social media links there in the sidebar, I can see them.

You would be right. There are links there, and they’re quite new. I’ve been pushing myself to test out these different forums and see just what it is that gets people to use them every day.

Pinterest I knew I would fall in love with from the beginning. And while, yes, I do have the nearly obligatory recipes pinned, its real value is in book boards. If you check them out you’ll see that my novels have boards and the worlds have boards. The visuals are absolutely spurring my imagination and I adore it.

Twitter was the hardest for me. It’s got a different tone and use than the rest of the crowd. For all that my id is in the second one million assigned, I have less than 500 total tweets. I’m starting to get there. They seem an apt audience to my pithy witticisms. I’m still working on the confidence to share all of them.

Tumblr I discovered a couple days ago and I’m already in love. Not just because it’s swarming with K-drama fans, but because it’s got the least expectations. If you like something you like it, if you love something or have something to add you reblog it. If you have something to say you say it. If no one ever follows me I’ll still love it because all I’m doing us curating a collection of things that matter to me.

Reddit, I admit, I’m still afraid of. Probably due to the random weird that I see on my husband’s screen invariably comes with the explanation, “It’s from Reddit.” So I’ll keep working my way up to that level of bravery.

So there’s me, a cave troll, venturing out into the real and virtual sunshine. I’m still squinting, but for the most part it’s a grand adventure.