When a guy named Martin Nathaniel Munroe II texts you, it should be obvious who you’re talking to. Except there’s two of them (it’s a long story), and Haley thinks she’s talking to the one she doesn’t hate.

A question about a class project rapidly evolves into an all-consuming conversation. Haley finds that Martin is actually willing to listen to her weird facts and unusual obsessions, and Martin feels like Haley is the first person to really see who he is. Haley and Martin might be too awkward to hang out in real life, but over text, they’re becoming addicted to each other.

There’s just one problem: Haley doesn’t know who Martin is. And Martin doesn’t know that Haley doesn’t know. But they better figure it out fast before their meet-cute becomes an epic meet-disaster. . .

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Age Range: 12 and up 

Grade Level: 7 - 12


Publisher: Scholastic Press 

Hardcover: 384 pages

ISBN-10: 1338335464

ISBN-13: 978-1338335460

Dimensions: 6.2 x 1.2 x 8.8 inches

Weight: 1 pounds

Audiobook Publisher: Scholastic Audio

Length: 5 hours and 9 minutes

Version: Unabridged

Language: English, English


The dialogue between Haley and Martin – entirely in text messages – is witty, often awkward, sometimes snarky, and beautifully captures all the complexities of moving past friendship to something more.

Jenny Chou

Boswell Book Company, Milwaukee, WI

Hand this to readers who like different formats and their romances more on the cerebral side. Good fun.


SLJ, Teen Librarian Toolbox

Poignant and hilarious, nerdy and joyful, TECHNICALLY, YOU STARTED IT reminds us that true connection transcends any medium, even in—especially in—the digital age.

Adib Khorram

Morris Award Winning Author DARIUS THE GREAT IS NOT OKAY

The all-text format could be a gimmick in less talented hands, but here the dialogue sparkles as it lets readers inside these teens’ heads. It’s a surprisingly powerful way to illustrate the true value of connection.

Austin American-Statesman

July 6th, 2019 Print Edition